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Prof. Dr. Eng. Kuwat Triyana, S.Si., M.Sc.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Kuwat Triyana, S.Si., M.Sc. is a professor in Department of Physics, Universitas Gajah Mada with fields are metrology, materials science, sensors and sensors system for taste and odor detection. He is a graduation of bachelor from Universitas Gajah Mada in 1991, Master of Science from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1997, and Doctor of Engineering from Kyusyu University in 2004. Currently Prof. Dr. Kuwat Triyana has approximately 8 patents on instrumentation, materials, nanoparticle, sensors, etc, and from 2018 until now there are more 47 paper has been published. The latest technology being developed is a COVID-19 detection tool in humans with breath that has a distribution permit and use from Indonesian Ministry of Health, called GeNose C19. The GeNose C19 is able to identify Corona virus by detecting volatile organic compound (VOC). The VOCs are known to be formed due to Corona virus infection and come out with a breath. People with COVID-19 produce higher VOCs than people without the infection. The GeNose C19 takes about 2−3 minutes to detect the presence or absence of VOCs that can indicate COVID-19. One unit of GeNose equipment is estimated to be able to carry out about 120 checks per day.