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Prof. Dr. Ir. Setijo Bismo, DEA.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Setijo Bismo, DEA is a professor in Chemical Engineering Department - Universitas Indonesia. He has been a lecturer at Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia since 1985, after graduating from Institut Teknologi Bandung. Then, continued his Masters and Doctoral studies at ENSIGC, INP de Toulouse, France from 1988-1993. His main research areas are Plasma and Ozone Technology (specifically DBD Cold Plasma Reactor) and Clean Water and Drinking Water Technology in Coastal Settlements. He also gave some courses and further studies guidance for Reactor Design and Chemical Engineering Modelling. Furthermore, at this time he has developed an Air Purification Tool with the Cold Plasma Method (non-thermal) to fight COVID-19. This tool, named PUVICON, works using PUVICO3 Technology, namely air and water vapor molecules that are ionized and scattered back into the air by forced convection. In a closed room, this technology is proven to be able to eliminate 99% of viruses and more than 90% of bacteria in the air in just 10 minutes.