Welcome Address: Sriwijaya International Conference on Engineering and Technology 2023 (SICETO 2023)

Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Sriwijaya International Conference on Engineering and Technology 2023. I am Heni Fitriani, a lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at Universitas Sriwijaya. As the chair of the committee, I will not be able to stand here, in front of all of you today, if not for the wonderful committee members on the organizing committee who have been with me from the start.

We envision four key values as the building bricks of the foundation on which we will construct our effort and hard work in order to make this conference a reality: rigor, impact, prestige, and service. These essential ideals are achieved through various components of the conference.

For accuracy, we ensured it through double-blind peer review and clear criteria for acceptance of abstracts. This careful selection process makes the conference the best forum to discuss various topics in the scientific field.

Participants in this seminar came from various scientific fields from 13 countries.

consisting of:
  • 37 papers from Civil and Structural Engineering
  • 11 papers from Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • 10 papers from Chemical Engineering and Science
  • 31 papers from Mechanical Engineering
  • 12 papers from Architecture
  • 17 papers from Mining and Geological Engineering
  • 2 papers from Natural Science

and all selected papers at SICETO 2023 will be published at Semarak Ilmu Publishing Journals indexed by Scopus.

As for service, we deliver our best through the committee who takes the participants’ best interests at heart; taking care of the participants throughout the conference; as well as appreciating and recognizing outstanding papers by awarding best paper.

This conference is the result of the hard work, support, and dedication of a number of parties. We wish to thank all the committee members who together make the conference possible. The committee has been working throughout the year to propose sessions, review a record number of submissions, answer queries, arrange the schedule, and response to last-minute requests. Last but not least, we thank all the authors and reviewers who are the backbone of this conference.

Thank you for being here with us. We value your presence at this conference. Enjoy the conference.


Prof. Ir. Heni Fitriani, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., IPU., Asean.Eng

Chairwoman, Organizing Committee


Time Agenda Room
07:30 – 08:30 Registration In Front of Ballroom (Third Floor)
08:30 – 09:30 Opening Ceremony
  • Indonesia Raya Song
  • Dance performance: Tari Tanggai
  • Report from SICETO 2023 Chairman
  • Speech by the Dean of Faculty of Engineering UNSRI
  • Opening Remarks by Rector of UNSRI
  • Momento & Photo session
  • Prayer
Ballroom (Third Floor)
09:30 – 09:35 Coffee Break Ballroom (Third Floor)
09:35 – 12:00 Panel Session 1
  • Prof. Sunkuk Kim, Ph.D, P.E.
  • Prof. Novia, ST, MT, Ph.D
  • Prof. Hafiz M.Ali
  •  Q&A
Ballroom (Third Floor)
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Ballroom (Third Floor)
13:00 – 14:45 Panel Session 2
  • Prof. Saheed O. Ajayi
  • Prof. Mitsunori Ozaki
  • Q&A
Ballroom (Third Floor)
14:45 – 15:45 Parallel Session 1
15:45 – 15:55 Coffee Break
15:55 – 16:55 Parallel Session 2
16:55 – 17:00 Closing Day 1
Time Agenda Room
07:30 – 08:30 Registration
08:30 – 08:45 Opening Day 2 by MC
08:45 – 10:15 Parallel Session 3
10:15 – 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 – 12:00 Parallel Session 4
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 14:00 Closing Ceremony
  • Best Paper Announcement
  • Report from SICETO 2023 Chairman
  • Closing Remarks by Dean of Faculty of Engineering UNSRI

Program Book

Abstract Book


Tuesday, 17 Oct 2023

  • Moderator : Barlin, S.T., M.Eng, Ph.D
  • Operator :

114:45 - 15:05375Prof. Dr. Ir. Budiarso, M.Eng, Aji Putro Prakoso, S.T., M.T.Effect of Cross-Sectional Depth on Horizontal and 30° Slop Spillway Open Channel Pico Hydro Cross-Flow Turbine Efficiency
215:05 - 15:25384Ahmad Fudholi, Ph.D, Aji Putro Prakoso, S.T., M.T.Preliminary Study on Recirculation Vortex and Turbulence Inside Ultra Low Head Pico Hydro Cross-Flow Turbine With Computational Fluid Dynamics Method
315:25 - 15:35301Finny Pratama Putera Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of Customized Brace for
415:35 - 15:45403Aneka Firdaus, S.T., M.TPolymer Based Membrane for Water Filtration System
515:55 - 16:05367Akbar Teguh Prakoso, S.T., M.T.Mechanical Characterization of Porous PLA Scaffold with Complex Microarchitecture Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing
616.05 - 16:15314Endi PermataDevelopment of an Arduino Uno-Based Buoy Tracking System with GPS Integration
716.15 - 16:25406Muhammad Iqbal, Rizda fitri kurnia, ST, MEngThe effects of Mechanical Strain on the Breakdown Voltage of Silicone Rubber- Al2O3 Insulation with Surfactant Modification
816.25 - 16:35277Didik AribowoPerformance Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Mimo Frequency Band N40 With Baveled-Halfcut Method For Lte Technology

  • Moderator : Dr Eng.Suci Dwijayanti, ST.M S.
  • Operator :

114:45 - 14:55316IdarwatiOcean Plate Stratigraphy of the Meeting of the Woyla and West Sumatra Blocks in Bukit Garba,South Sumatra
214:55 - 15:05365Emi SukmaningsihEffect of Deformation of the Garsela Fault and Secondary Faults on Seismic Hazards, Case Study: Pasirwangi District, Garut Regency
315:05 - 15:15361Madinatul UlfahResource Estimation and Environmental Analysis of Coal Deposition Based on Sulphur and Ash Content of Coal in Desa Sungai Lingkar, Batang Hari, Jambi
415:15 - 15:25311DENI TAWAF SUHARTAGeomechanical model using Geological Strength Index and Unified Compression Strength in Slope Stability Analysis at Banko Tengah, PT. Bukit Asam Tbk.
515:25 - 15:35315Reina Qurrota AyuniApplication Geological Attributes In Landslide Hazard Zonation, Case Study Cileles Area, Lebak Regency, Province Of Banten
615:35 - 15:45381Arif RahmatullahGeology and Mechanism of Geological Structure Formation in Cimanintin Area, Sumedang Regency, West Java
715:55 - 16:05327Abdurrahman Hanif AlbaihaqiLineament Analysis for Evaluation of Landslide Potential using the Weighted Overlay Model, Study Case Kemang and Surrounding Areas, Cianjur Regency, West Java
816.05 - 16:15332Mamat Suhermat, S.T., M.Si.Morphological parameters of Mount Gamalama, North Maluku, based on DEM spatial analysis
916.15 - 16:25372Sri AgustiniThe Change in the Chemical Properties of Arabica Coffee Affected by Roasting Degree
1016.25 - 16:35318Thriskadewi Umi Rasyda, S.T.Study Analysis of Three Phase Induction Motor Starting Using ETAP at PLN ULPL Indralaya, South Sumatera

  • Moderator : Imroatul C.Juliana,S.T.,M.T.
  • Operator : .............................

114:45 - 14:55326Prof. Dr. Ir. Eka Sari, M.T., IPMExtraction and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle frim Galvanized waste Industry
214:55 - 15:05355Lia Cundari, S.T., M.T.Eco-Friendly Liquid Fertilizer Made from Tempeh Wastewater and Its Utilization on Chili Growth
315:05 - 15:15348Lia Cundari, S.T., M.T.Removal of Chromium (VI) from Aquous Solution using Bentonite: The Effect of Adsorbent Dose on Characteristic, Isotherm and Kinetic Study
415:15 - 15:25334Y Bow, A Syakdani, I Purnamasari, M Y PratamaEndosulfan as Potentiometric Sensor in a Kinetic Model of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP)
515:25 - 15:35330Bazlina Dawami Afrah, ST., MT., M.EngTrans-Esterification Of Catfish Tallow Waste With Ethanol By Electrolysis Process Using Copper Electrodes And Koh As Catalyst
615:35 - 15:45283Bazlina Dawami Afrah, ST., MT., M.EngPhenol Concentration In Liquid Smoke Production From Rubber Wood By Experiment And Simulation With Cfd Modeling
715:55 - 16:05291Gs. Dr. Fathoni Usman M.Eng., P.Tech., IPM, ASEAN Eng.Differential Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry in Monitoring Bridge Deformation Caused by Flood Event
816.05 - 16:15269Gs. Dr. Fathoni Usman M.Eng., P.Tech., IPM, ASEAN Eng.Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis to Evaluate Effect of Furniture on Thermal Comfort in Residential House in Tropical Area
916.15 - 16:25324Nadia Agustin SyahputriSlope Stability Analysis Using Bishop's Method, Case Study Cipanas District, Lebak Regency, Banten Province

  • Moderator : Febrinasti Alia, S.T., M.T.
  • Operator :

114:45 - 14:55368Harrini Mutiara HapsariAnalysis of Fire Disaster Resilience in Musi Riverside Settlements. Case Study: Kelurahan 5 Ulu, Palembang
214:55 - 15:05304Linda Atika, M. KomPerformance Comparison Of Regurgitation Mitral Valve Disease Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Network
315:05 - 15:15328Soni Pratomo, MTIdentification of the Morphology of the Old City Center of Jambi as a Riverfront City
415:15 - 15:25298Endang Sri Lestari, S.T., M.T.Colonial Architecture's Response to the Tropical Environment Exploring the Concept of Karsten's Garden City in Talang Semut, Palembang t
515:25 - 15:35303Dr. Ir. Tutur Lussetyowati,MTStudy on Urban Public Spaces of Riverside Traditional Settlement to Support Community Based Tourism: Case Study 3-4 Ulu Palembang
615:35 - 15:45299Dr. Maya Fitri Oktarini, S.T., M.T.Sustainable Urban Development Along Riverfront Settlements: Exploring Housing Foundation and Boundary Strategies
715:55 - 16:05309Amirul MahbubiRisk Analysis of Potential Hazards on the Production Floor Using the Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) Method CV. Seken Workshop
816.05 - 16:15308Emma Maretyastuti HandoyoImplementation of The Reliability Centered Maintenance Method on The Mineral Water Production Machine Line at PT. XYZ
916.15 - 16:25310Syaila Amelda SyahputriImplementation of Preventive Maintenance on Production Machines to Increase Reliability Value Using Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Method (Case Study CV. Seken Living)
1016.25 - 16:35313Arius Satoni Kurniawansyah, Siti Nurmaini, Erwin, Firdaus, Muhammad Irfan KarimIMPUTATION OF MULTIVARIATE TIME SERIES DATA USING AUTOENCODER ARCHITECTURE

  • Moderator : Dr. -Ing Listen Prima, S.T., M.Planning
  • Operator :

114:45 - 14:55336Anggi Purnama Sari Dewi, Tata SutabriAnalysis Of The Bearing Capacity Of Group Pile Foundations With The Vesic Method
214:55 - 15:05358Pengki Suanto, Saloma, Siti Aisyah NurjannahSynthesis of Nanocellulose from Paper Waste - Low Energy Concept
315:05 - 15:15287R Herno Della, R A Syakurah, and E BuchariTravel Behavior Intention During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia: The Extension of Goal-Behavior Model
415:15 - 15:25295Rhaptyalyani Herno Della; Melawaty Agustien; Berli Fatimah AzahrahThe Planning of Bicycle Lanes to Support the Green Campus in The Sriwijaya University Indralaya Campus
515:25 - 15:35347Ratna Dewi, Anis Saggaf, Hanafiah, Wiwik RahayuThe Performance of Vacuum Consolidation Method in Soft Soil Improvement
615:35 - 15:45363Nisa Daffa Alia, Sakura Yulia Iryani, Helmi Haki, Riani MuharomahThe Effect of Changes in Land Use And Rainfall on Flood Discharge in Batang Watershed in 2012 and 2022
715:55 - 16:05364Nia Okta Yuwinar, Sakura Yulia IryaniAnalysis And Evaluation Of Drainage Channel On Musi V Bridge, Gandus District, Palembang
816.05 - 16:15385Imroatul Chalimah Juliana, Taufik Ari Gunawan, Sarino, Muhammad Savero Simamaru Performance Analysis of Rainwater Management using Rainwater Harvesting and Infiltration Trench Systems in Perumahan Dosen Unsri Kelurahan Bukit Lama
916.15 - 16:25342Yulindasari Sutejo, Anggi Purnama Sari Dewi, Maulid M Iqbal, Ratna Dewi, Bimo Brata Adhitya, Reffanda Kurniawan RustamFactors Affecting Slope Stability Improvement Using Soil Nailing
1016.25 - 16:35377Febrinasti Alia, Sarino, Agus Lestari YuonoFlood Mapping using HEC-RAS and GIS; A Case Study of Palembang Watersheds
1116.35 - 16:45341R Pebrianto, E Ibrahim, E Sutriyono, B Setiawan, R S DaisiuApplication Of All Weather Road (AWR) Method On Overburden Hauling Roads At Coal Mining


Wednesday, 18 Oct 2023

  • Moderator : Prof. Heni Fitrianim S.T., M.T., PhD., IPU, Asean Eng
  • Operator : 

108:45 - 09:05389Dr. M. Reza HosseiniBenchmarking Embodied Carbon: Are Current Standards Falling Short?
209:05 - 09:25395Prof Mona Iyer, Krishna Kant TiwariClimate Hazard Assessment Tool & Resilient Initiative For Schools In Kodinar, India
309:25 - 09:45392Dr. Olonade Kolawole AdisaFlexural Fatigue Life Of Coconut Fibre Reinforced Early Carbonated Binary Cement Mortar Composite
409:45 - 10:05390Prof. Hafiz Alaka, Ph.DPredicting Critical Factors Determining Adoption Of Offsite Construction In Nigeria- A Machine Learning Approach
510:05 - 10:25391Prof. Sri Devi BaluDigital Poompuhan
610:25-10.35371Agustien Melawaty, A. Rusman Putri, F. Toyfur Mona, L.Yuwono AgusSpatial Characteristics Visualization of Transfer Point Infrastructure in
The City of Palembang
710.35-10.45268Thania Andini; Anthony Costa; Bimo Brata Adhitya; Wadirin; Dendy Adanta; Sakura Yulia IryaniCapacity Analysis of Reinforced Concrete and Composite Concrete with Non-Linear Earthquakes Imperial Valley Time History
810.45-10.55275Aland Kurnia Zawawi JaredThe effect of the ratio of fly ash to alkaline activator and the molarity of NaOH on the mechanical properties of fly ash-based aggregates
910.55-11.05276Muhammad Arif Husin PasaribuEfffect Of Curing Time and Variation The Na2SiO3 ratio with NaOH Against The Mechanical Properties Of Geopolymer Made Aggregates Based On Fly Ash With The Method Crushing
1011.05-11.15300Gari Mauramdha, Khobat Dewa Ruci, Dwi AngellaAnalysis of Blackspot Measurement (Case Study: Jalan Sisingamangaraja, South Jakarta)
1111.15-11.25333Yunira Sadila; Anthony Costa; Bimo Brata Adhitya; Dendy AdantaConnection Design Steel Column-Beam with Bolt and Plate based on Special Momen Frame Systems
1211.25-11.35376Febrinasti Alia, Puteri Kusuma Wardhani, Sarino, and Agus Lestari YuonoStudy of Retention Time Variation on Constructed Wetland Performance for Kitchen Wastewater Treatment
1311.35-11.45398Satria Masdoni Sipayung, Alex Kurniawandy, Muhammad IkhsanEnvironmental Effects of Refined Palm Oil ( RPO) on Concrete Mixes
1411.45-11.55284Eko Prihartanto; M Arif Rohman; I Putu Artama WigunaEvaluation of Port Resilience to Disasters: An Overview of Infrastructure Assessment
1511.55-12.05321catur handoko; Mukhtasor; Eddy3-phase Induction Electric Motor and VSD with Torque control for Tidal Turbine Simulator: An Experimental Study

  • Moderator : Bazlina Dawami Afrah, S.T., M.T., M.Eng
  • Operator : 

108:45 - 09:05393Doriane Meyer, Ph.DAnalyzing Socio-Spatial Disparities In Brazilian Cities: The Role Of Ai, Space Syntax, And Lidar In Addressing Urban Segregation
209:05 - 09:25353Dr. Intisar Ameen TyneApplication Of Functional Analysis And Functional Adjacency Graph Analysis To Understand The Availability And Distribution Pattern Of Outdoor Spaces In Asylum Design
309:25 - 09:45402Prof. Dr. Jeffrey D. RimerDesigning State-Of-The-Art Zeolite Catalysts For Energy Sustainability
409:45 - 10:05Prof. Dr. Noor Azwadi bin Che Sidikrso, M.EngConvention Cooling in Hybrid Microchannel Heat Sink for Coolig of Electronic Device
510:05 - 10:25285 Wasu Suksuwan; Makatar Wae-hayeeEnhancing Combustion Efficiency In Combustion Chamber: A Comparative Study Of Single And Double Tangential Inlet Configurations
10:25 - 10:45415Mohamad Nadim AdiDesigning a More Humane Hospital, Using Virtual Reality to Evaluate Hospital Designs
610:45-10.55296Harrini Mutiara Hapsari, Debby Seftyarizki, HardayaniNeighbourhood Building typologies to sustain flood mitigation strategies toward urban sustainability. Case study: Bendung River, Palembang, Indonesia
710.55-11.05306Verinazul Septriansyah, Saloma Hasyim, Siti Aisyah NurjannahMechanical Properties Of Polymer Concretes By Silica (Sio2) Nanomaterials
811.05-11.15274E Nurisman, A D Pritania, S P Lestari, Rahmatullah1, dan A.M.JannahStudy of the Effect of Aeration on the Biological Treatment of Pulp and Paper Industry Wastewater with Petrophilic Bacteria
911.15-11.25326Eka Sari; Nasmi Herlina Sari; Fatah Sulaiman; Aisyah; Bagja Malik SyakurExtraction and Characterization of Zinc Oxide nanoparticle from Galvanized Waste Industry : Physical and antibacterial Properties
1011.25-11.35292O H Cahyonugroho, E N Hidayah, N A FauziyahAn investigation on the changing dissolved organic matter in conventional drinking water treatment
1111.35-11.45357M.Firman.Ridho, Erika BuchariThe importance of non-fairbox sector regulations toward light rail transit (lrt) in palembang south sumatra impact on the environment and
Development of urban business
1211.45-11.55408Nur Khaerat Nur, Ritnawati, Erdawaty, Fatmawaty Rachim, Sudirman, and MahyuddinAnalysis Of The Level Of Traffic Flow Service On Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin Pinrang Regency
1311.55-12.05378Erdawaty, Ritnawati, Tati Fitriana, Noordani, Fitriah, Fatmawaty RachimExperimental Study Of Asbuton Granular Column Use Waterglass As Stability Material

  • Moderator : Ar. M. Fajri Romdhoni, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., IAI
  • Operator : 

110:25-10.35410Taufik Ari Gunawan, Yustika Aminudin, Imroatul Chalimah Juliana, Ragil Putra Fadhilah, and Reini Silvia IlmiatiAnalysis of Hazard, Vulnerability and Drought Resistance for Drought Model Development in Ogan Komering Ilir DistrictCivil
210.35-10.45411Taufik Ari Gunawan, Muhamad Ammar Salfayed, and Imroatul Chalimah JulianaSimulation of One Dimensional Dam Break Model in Open Channel Using Finite Difference Numerical MethodCivil
310.45-10.55383rosidawani, Gladys Petrisia Sitorus, Hanafiah, Firdaus, Yakni Idris Performance Comparison of Dual System and Special Moment-Resisting Frame Structures Against Earthquake Loads Based on SNI 1726: 2019 Civil
410.55-11.05382rosidawani; Loeis Prananda Panjaitan; Siti Aisyah Nurjannah; Firdaus Firdaus; Maulid Muhammad Iqbal; Balqis Fattaya SaidThe Performance-Based Analysis of Building Structure on Variations in Concrete Quality and Earthquake Zone Civil
511.05-11.15289Eddy Ibrahim, Rosihan Febrianto, Bochory, Eva O, Diana PurbasariDetermination of Groundwater Position By Using Geoelectric 1D At Tanjung Lubuk District, Ogan Komering Ilir Regency, South Sumatera Mining
611.15-11.25352R Pebrianto, E Ibrahim, E Sutriyono, B Setiawan, A A Louisa Comparison Of Bishop And Janbu Methods In Slope Analysis Air Laya Mine Pt. Bukit Asam, Tbk, Tanjung Enim, South Sumatera By Using Rockscience Slide V6.0 SoftwareMining
711.25-11.35351R Pebrianto, E Ibrahim, E Sutriyono, B Setiawan, N P ImanSlope Stability Analysis Based On Physical And Mechanical Characteristics Of Air Laya Mining Material Pt Bukit Asam Tbk Tanjung Enim South SumatraMining
811.35-11.45349R Pebrianto, E Ibrahim, E Sutriyono, B Setiawan, D Purwanti The Effect of Ground Vibration of Blasting Activities on the Stability of Mine SlopesMining
911.45-11.55350R Pebrianto, E Ibrahim, E Sutriyono, B Setiawan, A RamadonaAnalysis Of The Effect Of Soil Permit Bearing Capacity On Ground Pressure Of Terzaghi Method Mechanical Equipment In The Air Laya Mine PT Bukit Asam Tanjung Enim South SumatraMining
1011.55-12.05323Muhammad Rizki Maulana; Aditya Surya Pratama; Claudio Ronaldo Mendome; Achmad Dicky Setyawan; Georgius Kibar Samda Kusuma Wandana; Vanessa Goretty Naibaho; Anis Kurniasih Turbidite Lithofacies Determination and Depositional Environment of Neogene Sedimentary in Kalikayen River, Meteseh Section, Semarang, Central JavaMining & Geological

  • Moderator : Agung Mataram, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.
  • Operator : 

110:25-10.35405Quoc Thien Pham, Lam Thanh Tuan Nguyen, Quoc Van Nguyen, Barlin Oemar, Sheng-En Lu, and Nai-Shang LiouUsing a Yolov8-based object detection model for an automatic garbage sorting system
210.35-10.45273Imam Akbar, Heriyanto Rusmaryadi, Dewi Rawani, Martin Luther King, Ahmad Malik Abdul Aziz, Hariman Al Faritzie, Akbar Teguh Prakoso, Hasan BasriAnalysis the Effect of Tortuocity of Force Convection on Porous Heatsink
310.45-10.55312D Puspitasari , Darmawi, Q Hadi , Ellyanie Experimental Study Of Chain Flexible Clutch Transmission System With Steel and Brass as Material
410.55-11.05366Dendy Adanta, Ilham Saputra, Dewi Puspita Sari, Imam Syofii, Ismail
Thamrin1, Irsyadi Yani, Anthony Costa, and Farhan Yadi
Blade Number Investigation of Pico-scale Crossflow Turbine for Low Head by Numerical Method
511.05-11.15397Gusri Akhyar Ibrahim, Arinal Hamni, Daud Aria Falah, Amir Arifin
Dimensional Errors Analysis of Cortical Screw During Threading of Magnesium AZ31
611.15-11.25319Apri Wiyono, G Gumilar, Yusep Sukrawan, Dendy Adanta, Deddy SupriyatnaExperimental Study of the Effect of Roller Shape Variations on the CVT System using Petrol-Pyrolytic Fuels toward the Power Characteristics of Automatic Motorcycles
711.25-11.35285Wasu Suksuwan; Makatar Wae-hayeeEnhancing Combustion Efficiency in Combustion Chamber: A Comparative Study of Single and Double Tangential Inlet Configurations
811.35-11.45386Irsyadi Yani, Yulia Resti ,Ismail Thamrin, Astuti, Cindy HartitaPlastic-Type Identification Based on RGB Digital Image using Multinomial Logistic method
911.45-11.55394Ismail Thamrin, Amrifan Saladin Mohruni, Irsyadi Yani, Riman Sipahutar, Zulkarnain ZulkarnainSwarm Optimization to Model the Surface Roughness of an AISI 4340 Turning Using the Hot Machining Process
1011.55-12.05400Barlin barlin, Ridho Firmansyah, Gunawan, Marwani Airfoil Design and Aerodynamics Characteristics of Fuel Efficiency Car: CFD Analysis

  • Moderator : Dr. Syarifa Fitria, S.T.
  • Operator : 

110:25-10.35294Widodo Pudji Muljanto, Bahad Alwi, Michael ArditaIoT-Based Remote Monitoring System For Waste Power Plant Inside Campus Area of National Institute Of Technology Malang.
210.35-10.45307S Darma, T Toha, A Sofijan, NukmanAnalysis Of Lee Kwan Yew's Green Building Plant Energy On Thermal And Humidity Case Study: Kopitiam And Xo Suki Dimsum Kenten Golf Palembang
310.45-10.55320Syarifuddin Baco, Hamdan Arfandy, Sukirman, Ahmad Martani,
Suharni, Fahri_elfazza, Nirwana, Erlin
Design and Development of a Raspberry Pi Based Zebra Cross Violation Detection System for Traffic Lights
410.55-11.05374Bayu Wijaya Putra, S.Kom., M.Kom.Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification using Deep Neural Network and Autoencoder on ECG Heartbeat
611.15-11.25388Yulia Resti, Des A. Zayanti, Novi R. Dewi, Fauzi Darmawan, JimmyClassification of Corn Diseases and Pests using Fuzzy Naïve Bayes Method
711.25-11.35362Ritnawati Makbul, A. St. Nurfadilah Ruslan, Erdawaty, Andi Ibrahim Yunus, Fitriah, ZulharnahDesign of Secondary Channels for Irrigation Areas Based on Water Needs Study
811.35-11.45369Saloma, Hanafiah, Arie Putra Usman, Siti Aisyah Nurjannah, and Haris
The Effects of Na2Sio3 And NaOh Ratio on Sulphate Resistance of
Geopolymer Mortar with Fly Ash and Oil Palm Shell Precursor
911.45-11.55370Arie Putra Usman, Saloma, Siti Aisyah Nurjannah, Nurhidayah
Anggraeni, and Muhammad Azzam Alfarabi
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Mortar with the Mixture of Paper
Mills Waste
1011.55-12.05360Fatmawaty Rachim, Sudirman, Asri Mulya Setiawan, Nur Khaerat Nur, Mahyuddin, ErniatiMethods Building Planning Analysis Using a Comparison of the Efficiency of Expert Resources Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software and Conventional

  • Moderator : Dr. Maya Fitri Oktarini, S.T., M.T.
  • Operator : 

110:25-10.35278D Santoso, M I Riady, B D Afrah, A T PratamaExergy and Exergoeconomic Analysis of Banjarsari Steam Power Cycle 135 MW Lahat-South Sumatera
210.35-10.45281Riman Sipahutar; M I Riady; Dyos Santoso; B D Afrah; Fathan QoribaEnergy and exergy analysis in the performance evaluation of Lumut Balai Geothermal Power Plant with the addition of second flash steam
310.45-10.55373M A Ade Saputra, Ismail Thamrin, M Yanis, Yulia Resti, Irsyadi Yani, Cindy HartitaTemperature Distribution of Rake Angle on Milling Process
410.55-11.05290Damora Rhakasywi, Abdul Wasito
, Elang Pramudya Wijaya, Reda Rizal
,Dendy Adanta
CFD analysis of Vortex Generator Variations on Fin and Tube Heat
511.05-11.15387Zulkarnain Ali Leman, Gustini, Akbar Teguh Prakoso, Muhammad Zaki Ghalib, Tegar Ananda PutraEnhanced Trajectory Tracking for Differential Mobile Robots Utilizing a Fuzzy Logic Controller
611.15-11.25399Gunawan Gunawan; Sudarsono; Amir Arifin; Abu Bakar Sulong; Aneka Firdaus; Muhammad Ghaly Yusuf Aldrin; Alim MardhiPreparation And Fabrication Of Porous Copper Using Egg Yolk As The Foaming Agent
711.25-11.35413Gunawan, Amir Arifin, Dendy Adanta, Muhammad Yoga Fadillah , Rifo Falah, Ahmad Tarmizi , Fatry Aprilo Shafarani , Eri ArdyansahDevelopment of Porous Ceramic Filters for Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Hydroxyapatite/SiO2 Composite
811.35-11.45414Ismail Thamrin, Amrifan Saladin Mohruni, Irsyadi Yani, Riman Sipahutar, Zulkarnain Ali LemanLeveraging Machine Learning to Modelling Surface Roughness of AISI 4340 Turning Operations
911.45-11.55412Gunawan, Sudarsono, Amir Arifin, Nukman, Diah Kusuma Pratiwi, Novialita Isti, Ahmad TarmiziInvestigating Dissimilar Welding Quality of AISI 4340 and ST 36 Carbon Steels via Shielded Metal Arc Welding for Structural Applications
1011.55-12.05396Gunawan, Amir Arifin, Irsyadi Yani, Barlin Oemar, Sudarsono, Aditya Reza HaswendraCold Sintering Process Parameter Tailoring for Customized Hydroxyapatite Based Composite Material Development

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